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Top 5 Party Themes

Updated: May 12, 2018

Adding the extra excitement of a theme to a party can make your party stand out and can create great game ideas and moments that you will never forget. Playing at themed events is always fun, especially when we can dress up and join in with theme!

Here is our pick of Soul Calibre's favourite themes for parties.

5 - Masked Ball

Bringing back touch of elegance to the British party, a masked ball can be full of mystery and glamour, but be careful, because those masks probably won't stay on all night...

4 - Blues Brothers

Get out your trilby and party all night long to a some classic Motown and Soul, simple but loads of fun!

3 - James Bond

Cassinos and martines are all welcome here. You don't need to be paying for the big bucks! Even out the playing field and include everyone by giving all your guests an equal about of chips to start the evening, and give prices for various things rather exchanging chips for cash.

2 - Rio Carnival

Great for summer BBQs and cocktails! This theme gets people ready to party and when then the sun is out theres nothing better.

1 - Great Gatsby

1920s parties have hit the scene big with a theme that makes everyone look amazing! Remember, you dont have to go all out authentic though, you can still party all night to your favourite tunes, there will just be slightly more tassels involved!!!


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